Like A Fairy

Like a sun settling down,
So was he living then
A livid face with a frown,
Passed the days, How and When?

With a chaotic mindfulness
Lacking bliss and rising distress
Alone and shattered, was he
Like a wingless bird, set free.

Like a fairy, then she came
Looking for a path to fly
A lovesome valley, as her name,
Could be seen in her eye.

God was pleased so he sent
To awaken him, a damsel (or fairy),
From the dream so scary
And gave this blissful amendment.

Do you wonder who is he?
Living with the damsel happily
The one who’s lucky, verily
Is none other than me.

Now you wonder who is she,
Whom I Love so heartedly?
The one who’s inside me
Reciting this while smiling free

Now I Pray to be with her
All my life and for, ever.



What is a soul?

An eternal and purest part of a living being. It can neither be touched nor felt, but I can be fed. This feeding involves all those acts which bring satisfaction. The most confusing and complicated part of this process is to find and identify those acts that satisfy a soul. The simplest solution to this problem is contemplating in solitude. Contemplating leads to the voice of the heart, which is actually the soul crying for what it wants. If this state is achieved, the satisfaction and fulfillment of the soul is experienced.


A Helping Hand to Shine

One can only be guided if he’s a willing traveller. A guide is of no use if he’s scared of the destination where the path leads. Don’t be scared if the guide is with you. You must understand the fact that it takes many hardships, compromises and sacrifices for the guide to become what he is. Be happy and stay calm, you’re blessed to have someone who covers the distance with you.

Be focused on the place where you’re at the moment instead of fearing the place that is yet to come, as this is the only motivation for you to keep moving and enjoy the the journey. There’ll be many hurdles on the way that will keep telling you to stop, and go back to the point; where you started, but don’t lose focus.

Whenever these hurdles come and you feel difficulty, ask your guide for help. He’ll support you because this is what makes him alive, happy and focused. He’s nothing without you and you’re not able to reach the summit without him. If you feel him as yourself, he’ll start feeling him as you, both traveling together on the same path. The path of LOVE.

Amendment of Soul

From Misery to Stability

One can ameliorate your desperate life. The pain that is given to you by them, though unintentionally, can amend the miserable cores of your heart. You can either regret for not being accepted or just take it positively and start moving on. The latter path is arduous and rarely chosen.

Such problems creates a fire within the soul, this is what brings the discomfort.The intensity of this heat depends upon what you’ve gone through all this time. This is the point where you have to decide whether to use this heat in destructing yourself or for the refinement of your life.

Express your gratitude to the ones who brought you here and start working on yourself. Try reaching the heights of glory and achieve the unachievable. Be yourself and do what satisfies you. Crave for happiness and assemble your good qualities, this is how you can assemble the broken parts of your soul.

One day, you’ll be looking back at your life, proud and smiling. You’ll appreciate yourself for the battle you fought and the path you chose. You’ll be thanking all the elements that made you stronger, smarter and happier.

Lastly, you must not forget to retain your love for the ones who brought you to this position. Never let hatred take the place of that infinite love you have for them. Let them always be with you, feel their presence within your heart. Learn to talk to them in solitude and hear their voice. This is the essence of love.

Slough of Despond

I wanna slay myself but I can’t. I can’t bear it anymore. I wanna cry out loud but I can’t. I used to put my frustration into my writings but now I can’t; no words can define what I’m going through. I used to spend time with friends and share what I felt but now I can’t; there minds are not empathetic enough to understand. It’s all my fault, I know. I don’t want to write, share or even live anymore.

A Damsel in Red

Like a rose undiscovered
Or akin a divine bird
Cherished by all, I bet !
You, the Damsel in Red

Browny hair dangling down
Abash all the maids in town
When whirled so charily
Can make me fall asleep

The mesmerising eyes
And the alluring brows
Perfect is their dyad
So charming and wise

Now, my eyes are set
On the charm you behold
May you live forever
O my Damsel in Red